Restaurace Skála in Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou

Historical premises of brewery and restaurant Skála (="rock") date back to mid 12th century - at that time the Cistercian Order chose to build their montstrous monastery at the location of today's brewery Klášter (="monastery"). History of this place can be felt outside and inside of its premises.

The restaurant interiors were hand-carved into the rock by the monks who were building the monastery. During our tour, you will find out that originally, there were two basements - one above the other; they were later joined in one large hall. 

Until today, you can still see visible cleats for supporting beams. According to historical data, the construction of the monastery took 38 years. For long centuries, these carved caves were used by lay brothers as temporary housing and a shelter from uninvited guests. 

Not many people know that there were large vineyards on the slopes over our restaurant and in close proximity. At those times, our premises also served as wine cellar and as wine distillery. This is connected to a tragic event that happened nearby (at Bílá Hlína) in 1866 during a battle between Austria-Prussion army. At that time, when soldiers were spending the night here, exhausted after the fight and all the drinking, the tragedy happened - a huge explosion of distillation equipment. 117 soldiers were killed during the explosion and of burns. The army suspected this event to be a sabotage from civilians and as a consequence had several innocent people executed. 

All other use of these premises was peaceful. Given the constant temperature, the "cave" was used by Klášter brewery as ideal place for a malt house. Beautiful cucumber scent could be smelled in the area nearby. 

Unfortunately, in the recent history when the brewery fell under Velké Popovice, the malt house was indiscreetly cancelled due to centralisation measures which were being taken at that time. For some time, the place was used for storing food, especially fruit which lasted fresh for a long time given the ideal temperature and humidity.

New age for these premises started in the 90s' of last century when Klášter brewery built a restaurant, which since then, it has been a popular destination for many visitors. 

It is hard to believe but one of the reasons that ín the beginning of the 12th centrury the Cistercian Order chose this location for building a monstrous monastery was because, according to them, positive energy rises from the earth here. The very entrance into this unique restaurant is described by some sensitive individuals as a sort of passage into a different space-time. 

It is important to mention an interesting fact - an underground corridor connects restaurant Skála to the house next door. Moreover, in the area around the former malt house main building (where today there is Hotel Malý Pivovar being built) there is a large complex of other undergroud corridors, pits and channels.

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