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Here are several tips for an enjoyable trip into the area surrounding our restaurant.

Kost Castle

Distance: 20 km

This enormous and very well preserved castle is located near the town of Sobotka. What is unusual about Kost Castle is that it is not standing on a high hill or a headland, but in a valley. However, the fact that is was built on a block of rock made it an impregnable castle for centuries. The valley Plakánek in which it is located is considered as one of the most romantic in the whole of Český ráj/Bohemian paradise region.  

Official web sites: www.hrad-kost.cz

Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau

Distance: 3 km

Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau complex is a magnificent example of a Baroque aristocratic residence, which has not changed much until these days. A famous military leader Albrecht von Wallenstein obtained this residence by confiscation in 1623. The Wallenstein family owned this chateau for many centuries until 1966. That year, Mnichovo Hradiště chateau became state property and since then the chateau belongs to National Heritage Preservation Centre of Central Bohemia.

Official web sites: www.mnichovo-hradiste.cz

The Houska Castle

Distance: 37 km

The mysterious Houska castle lies on the edge of the Kokořínsko region. According to legend, the castle is protected by mysterious forces as there is an opening to hell or perhaps some other world inside the castle. As the rumour goes, “certain things” and the skeletons of “non-human entities” are buried in the cellars. What we know for sure is that the castle was founded by Přemysl Otakar II. and is, together with Bezděz, one of the oldest castles in Bohemia. You can learn more about its history and visit the castle. The new owners, who are successfully trying to undo the 40 years of “state care” during communism, opened it to public in 1999 for the first time and look forward to your visit.

Official web sites: www.hradhouska.cz


Distance: 21 km

Humprecht is a hunting lodge built on a hill of the same name near the town of Sobotka. It used to be a summer residence of Humprecht Jan Czernin of Chudenice - the imperial ambassador to Venice. This residence was designed in mannerist style by Carlo Lurago and contains elements of late Renaissance and early Baroque. There is a legend about Herman Czernin which says that for some time he was imprisoned in Turkey; because of this legend the original Slavic rustic cross at the top of Humprecht Chateau was replaced by a golden crescent in 1829.

Official web sites: www.humprecht.cz

Drábské světničky

Drábské světničky (světničky=small rooms) are in the south of Český ráj/Bohemian paradise region. They are part of a rock formation massif which rises from a flat landscape of Mladá Boleslav. This rock formation of Drábské světničky and rocks Příhrazské/Příhrazské skály are the first landmarks that you will see while entering Bohemian Paradise.

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Mužský Hill

The basalt hill Mužský (463 metres above sea level) is the highest point of Mladá Boleslav region (Central Bohemia). A Tertiary volcano eruption tore apart a giant sandstone rock and and the rift that was created during this eruption was filled with molten magma. The basalt from the volcano was exposed during years of selective erosion. The side cliffs of this giant volcano form the rock formation "cities" Příhrazy, Drábské světničky, Valečov and Drhleny.

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Sychrov Chateau

Distance: 22 km

This neo-Gothic chateau located in the northeast of Turnov is very popular with the majority of tourists. Filmmakers has chosen this chateau many times because of its "fairetale-like" exterior. Sychrov Chateau has a beautiful park where various cultural events are held thorough the year. One of the most popular are the annually held Skotské hry/Scottish Games.

Offical web sites: www.zamek-sychrov.cz

Bezděz Castle

Distance: 25 km

This castle is the main symbol of Mácha region. The whole region around Lake Mácha is full of small rocks in deep pine forests. Bezděz Castle is built on the higher peak of two connected hills, and its silhouette is known to young children because it was often pictured in a famous chilren's magazine Čtyřlístek.

Official web sites: www.hrad-bezdez.eu

Hrubý Rohozec Chateau

Distance: 21 km

Hrubý Rohozec Chateau is located in a village of the same name. This village is located in the nothwest of Turnov. The original Rohozec Castle which was built in 1280 has undergone numerous reconstructions during centuries. The last reconstruction dates back to the 19th century when the castle was owned by the Desfours family. Mikuláš Vladimír Des Fours Walderode lived in this castle until 20th century 1930s together with his wife Gabriela Karolína and their sons Maxmilian and Louis.

Offical web sites: www.hruby-rohozec.eu

Studený průchod/The Cold Passage

The Cold Passage is a rocky gorge in Příhrazské skály which got its name because cold air is always kept in this passage during summer months. The temperature is never higher than 10°C even in the sunniest days. This gorge was created when a block of sandstone block Mužský moved. It is 125 metres long and 15 metres high. In the times of the Prussian-Austrian war in 1866, there was an artillery battery above this gorge. Its aim was to guard the road from Munich to Trutnov. Prussian army attacked it and the artillery was forced to attack back (details in "Vrch Mužský" article).

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Monastery Hradiště nad Jizerou

This village founded in the 12th century is located at the outskirts of Český ráj/Bohemian paradise. Historical sources mention this village mainly in connection with one of the first Cistercian monasteries in our lands, which was built here in 1144. Already in the times of Hallstatt there used to be a fortress (hence the name of this village and the monastery: fortress=hradiště). The current name Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou is not so old though. It dates back to the 20th century.

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Skoda Auto Museum

Distance: 19 km
In 1895, Václav Klement and Václav Laurin founded their business here in Mladá Boleslav. This makes ŠKODA one of the oldest and most traditionrich automobile brands in the world. ŠKODA Muzeum brings the past to life in an authentic place, namely the former production halls, where cars were made as late as in 1928. Immediately adjacent, the company’s largest and most modern plant continues this history, churning out new ŠKODAs day after day. However, history is always in motion even in the museum thanks to special exhibitions and event series and last but not least the exchange of exhibits that provide inspiration and variety all year long.

Official web sites:

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